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Glossary of Terms used

Kitchen or bedroom “vinyl” wrapped doors
– these are made using 18mm MDF with a matching colour back, the bare MDF face is then routered to the desired style then wrapped in a 0.8mm to 1.2mm vinyl as this is a very tough, hard wearing, durable and flexible material to use.

Kitchen or bedroom “PVC” edged doors – these are made using 18mm MFC or 18mm MDF then edged using a PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) edging, the edging can be different thicknesses from 0.4mm to 2mm, due to the edging being a type plastic they are very tough and durable, but because of the manufacturing process can be a cheaper alternative to other kitchen or bedroom doors.

Blum Clip top “120 Degree” Hinge – this is the amount the door will open to the maximum, kitchen or bedroom hinges are generally 90 degrees to 170 degrees though this can depend on the type of hinge you need, hinges with different degrees of opening cant be used in conjunction together as this will cause a “binding” effect.

Blum “Clip Top” 120 degree hinge – this is a type of hinge made by Blum that allows tool free removal of a door from the cabinet with the use of a “lever” instead of a screw or screws from the back plate, this type of hinge also has “spiral tech” adjustment for ease of use, only Clip Top back plates can be used with this hinge, Blumotion or soft close can be attached.

Blum “modul” 100 degree hinge – this is an older type of hinge made by Blum, it gets fixed to the cabinet back plate using a tightening screw and is manually adjusted, though this hinge isnt as easy to use as the “Clip Top” hinge, it is a lot cheaper.

“Blumotion” – soft close mechanisms made by Blum, this can be used for hinges, drawer boxes, wirework pull-outs etc.
“Soft Close” or “soft closer” – a term used as an alternative for Blumotion, see above.

Blum “TIP-ON” for doors – a mechanism or piston which enables handle free doors, the door is pushed to be released then pushed again to close.

“LED” lighting – LED or light emitting diode is a light that is brighter, has a longer life span and is also more energy efficient, it can also be available in different colours i.e white, blue etc, it is also more flexible in its uses.

“Woodgrain” – a woodgrain effect on our kitchen and bedroom doors, this not only looks like real wood but in most cases the “woodgrain” can be felt by touch.