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Manufacturing Process

About Our Doors

Our vinyl doors are ideal for virtually any interior situation with styles designed to suit kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or office applications. They are attractive, durable, hard wearing and given the right care they will give many years of trouble free use.

At Doors and Fittings we use the latest technology to produce our doors, with a highly innovative system that links our sales software directly with our machining and production software, which allows us to only have to input an order once, thus minimising errors.

To rout the doors we use state of the art twin table routers, which will take full sheets of MDF and 'optimise' the components to minimise the waste from a sheet. Using diamond tipped tools the machine will cut down to an accuracy of 0.001 of a millimetre.

Doors, fresh from the router.

The doors are made from high quality 18mm MDF faced with 0.4mm scratch resistant vinyl and backed with a matching hard wearing Melamine surface.

Our vacuum presses use the latest technology to apply the vinyl using a combination of heat, vacuum and pressure to ensure maximum adhesion of the vinyl to the MDF substrate.

Our door press in action.

Our vinyl door collection has been tested and certified by FIRA as achieving the bond quality requirements of BS6222 part III.